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Who We Are

Exhibitor Show Services (ESS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic Mapping & Data Services LLC (SM&DS). Started in 2011, ESS was conceived as a direct response to the disconnect that all too often exists between trade show property management companies and their clients. ESS has the unique benefit of being one of the few organizations where most of the principles are engaged in both sides of the trade show/exhibit process.

Almost all of the staff of Strategic Mapping and Data Services LLC (SM&DS) are presenters, trade show exhibitors, and marketing specialists. When the opportunity arose to directly participate in the show/exhibit business, SM&DS stepped up to the plate and formed ESS along with the addition of highly trained and qualified trade show property management staff.

Working closely with our customers, ESS has blended cutting edge internet/computer and warehouse technology to provide the tools and techniques that aid our customers, as well as our highly trained staff in the management of the clients trade show/exhibit assets. Here is a partial list of our services:

  • Brand Management
  • Cross-docking
  • Exhibit:
    • Design & Construction
    • Cross Docking
    • Property Management
    • Brand/Image Updating
    • Setup/Tear-Down Services
    • Storage Warehouse
  • Exhibit construction
  • Exhibit repair
  • Exhibitor Services (paperwork and show coordination)
  • Show Collateral Material Handling
  • Show/Event Marketing
  • Trade Show Property Management
  • Storage (warehousing)

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